Follow ‘Mini Pedro’ for Calungsod canonization updates

ROME, Italy, Oct. 19, 2012―He’s a fifteen-inch tall doll, he carries a ‘missionary’ sling bag and has an iPad cum Doctrina Christiana. He is Pedrito, the miniature version of Blessed Pedro Calungsod, whose role is to tell the stories of pilgrims and share updates about Calungsod’s canonization and other events in Rome, Italy.

Pedrito also visits the Basilica 'Sant Agostino for the first of the Triduum masses to be celebrated before Calungsod's canonization.

Pedrito also visits the Basilica ‘Sant Agostino for the first of the Triduum masses to be celebrated before Calungsod’s canonization.

The brainchild of the New Media Committee under the National Commission for the canonization, Pedrito is the personification of a missionary youth or a “lakwatserong misyonero” with an on-the-go attitude to talk to people about their lives and stories, specifically during the pilgrimage before the canonization on October 21.

Upon meeting Pedrito the doll, Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, Manila Archbishop Emeritus, remarked that he was a good medium for the new evangelization.

Pedrito made his first appearance recently at the Fumicino airport, Rome yesterday and earlier today, went on to “interview” Willy Layug, an ecclesiastical artist from Betis, Pampanga, who is currently working on a relief of the young martyr at the Pontificio Collegio Filipino.

In a YouthPinoy! interview, New Media Committee head Eilleen Esteban explained how Pedrito is meant to adapt the very Pinoy culture of “picture-picture” by having Pedrito meet pilgrims, have his picture taken with them and post them on social media as part of a geo-tagging tracking of his whereabouts.

Being true to Bl. Pedro’s quality of dynamism and energy, ‘mini Pedro’ has been moving around Rome – riding the Italian metro trains and buses ― nearly non-stop since touching down yesterday.

Meeting Pedrito for the first time this afternoon, National Commission Chairman and Cebu Archbishop Emeritus, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal blessed the doll, who can be expected to be seen hopping all over Rome in the days to come and even in the Philippines during the Duaw Nasud, the visit of Bl. Pedro’s image to several dioceses in the country.

Tomorrow, the mini Calungsod will be at the second Triduum mass at the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome at 4 p.m., Italian time. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]