Pedrito and the love that keeps on giving

Aldrin and Matthew were certainly as adorable as Pedrito, especially with their hearts of gold. San Pedro, these kids are yours!

Cousins Aldrin and Matthew made my heart melt today. While selling Pedrito dolls for our ‘Abante Bisaya’ campaign, these two cute boys, together with Aldrin’s dad came to us with 2 plastic bags filled with one-peso coins, saying they want to help the typhoon victims, as well as have a Pedrito doll. They were so excited to get a doll, but then while counting, we realized they only got Php 200 (The doll costs 650).  Unfortunately, I was the one tasked to tell the dad, “Sir, the doll costs Php 650.”

My heart broke into pieces as I watched as the excitement in the eyes of these two boys went from excitement to sadness. I wanted to cry as they told me, the money came from their own savings. They just wanted to help. So, together with their dad, they told us, “Okay, we will not get Pedrito anymore, but we will donate the money.” And so they left… I so wanted to give them a doll.

Pedro intervenes…

Five seconds after they left, six of us, YouthPinoy volunteers, who were there decided that we couldn’t just let them leave like that. They deserve to have that doll. Each one took his wallet and gave what they could to raise the amount needed to purchase the doll. We then looked for them;  one searched all over from the 5th floor to the 1st; one hurried over to the information booth; one ran to the other building of the mall, all the while praying to San Pedro, St. Anthony, Mama Mary, to Jesus, calling all the saints, “Where are Matthew and Aldrin?”

Finding Jesus

It was a moment of grace when we found them and handed our little gift to these two young boys. It was like walking on the clouds with Jesus. We were full of smiles and laughter as we talked more with them, got to know their family and just thanked them for what they had done.

Matthew and Aldrin reminded us to keep on giving and sharing — without asking for anything in return. We found Jesus in them that day. And as we celebrate the first week of Advent, we can’t help but be thankful for the grace of knowing Matthew, Aldrin and the dad.

Truly a glorious way to start Advent.


April Frances Ortigas, otherwise known as Sky or Cloud, depending on whom you ask, is the vice president of YouthPinoy, a group of spunky, crazy-for-God online missionaries – the same group that brought the public Pedrito. She’s a coffee addict, a total techie and self-confessed Catholic nerd. Catch more of her on Twitter by following @skyortigas or her personal blog